Nentir Vale Campaign

Dragons and Trogs! Oh my!

We Meet Gloomfang!

We traveled back to the room with the (now dead) druid and dire bear and decide to explore the north tunnel. It leads us to a room with a door to the north and a store room to the south. We listen at the north door and hear the sounds of water. Roscoe sneaks into the room. The room is filled with a large lake with two islands. There’s a large black dragon in here! He introduces himself as Gloomfang. The party prepares to attack when Owengar says, “Attack him?! We don’t even know if he’s evil.” At that point, he decides to sneak into the room behind Roscoe while he is talking to Gloomfang. Owengar isn’t very sneaky, and Gloomfang spots him. He dives into the darkness and combat begins. When he reappears, he lands on the ledge, spits acid, and stuns the party! The battle is long and difficult, but we prevail! We found some treasure and a magic bastard sword (+3 mordant bastard sword that Karlak takes). (708 xp each. Level up!)

We go back to the room with the (now dead) flameskull. We head down a hallway and sneak up on a troglodyte camp. Lots of trogs! At one point, Roscoe 41 points of damage to a prone trog. We will a lot of trogs and find some treasure in a back room, including a +3 wand of fireburst and a +3 phasing long bow. (800 xp. each)

2900 gp
1500 gp in emeralds
800 gp in assorted gems

XP: 1508 each
(5200 gp / 6 characters = 866 gp each)

NOTE: I’ve moved our item list from the wiki page to the “Items” tab. I’ve listed items that we’ve found. If a character takes an item, I’ll list it with the character’s name in parentheses.


Where are the items for a cleric??!!!

Dragons and Trogs! Oh my!

Nice job, Hayes! Thanks for doing this for us!!!

Dragons and Trogs! Oh my!

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