Nentir Vale Campaign

I hate the Feywild!

We have transported into the Feywild via a portal opened by Skalmad.

We see the Feywild Gate. Ruins glow. A corpse of an Eladrin on the ground in blood. Four suits of armors with swords stand. We try to open the door and the suits of armor attack!
Skill challenge! Rollin uses his own blood to open the magic door and the armor stops!
We go through the door and teleport across a chasm to the next wooded area.

We stop by a ruin with 8 pillars shaped like dragons. Ceiling has fallen in. Used to be an outpost, probably.
Chasm on the opposite side. Path continues south towards a smashed statue of a fomorian giant with an enormous gem. Roscoe takes the gem (2000 GP).

Outpost – smells like sulphur due to stuff dripping out of the dragon pillars. Foul!!!

Fomorian dark initiate female attacks us!
650 HP creature! AC29, 3 Action Points, Rollin did 241 HP damage himself!
Kingdom of Vardar on PP
Letter: Guard this area well and when the cauldron comes back to life you will be rewarded. Signed Skalamad, King of Vardar

We rest.

Bright and early, we head out on the path ahead of us, with Roscoe searching stealthily.

Two fey crocodiles!
Two quickling dudes!

We are stumped by crossing the pond. Owengar punches Rollin, who then teleports across. He uses his floating lantern to send a rope back to us. 6 one-eyed dudes see us but not Rollin. Roscoe goes Navy Seal and starts across the pond. We start across the pond by rope.

6 cyclops are minions or illusions. Rollin destroys them with one attack. Cool!
4 more cyclops throwing spears while we swim across the pond.
We get stuck with spears, we hit them with spells.
Kiriv does a Radiant Pulse that pushes them off the wall!
We fight and kill them!!!

We enter the ruined castle. It is HUGE, but relatively empty. We search it.
There is a chasm that we enter and find a hidden cave.
Displacer beast!!!
4 ghost Trolls!
We beat them but we get our asses kicked!
FInal room: Skalamad, King of the Trolls!
4 more ghost Trolls
We finally defeat him!

Treasure Vault
Life force amulet
+4 Scale Armor or equivalent
3 lightning mace
silver statuette 2500 gp
mitral rings 3000
2500 pearls
Sunwrath: longsword mordant weapon +3, crit 3d6 fire and radiant dmg, minor action all damage is fire and radiant
4440 XP per person brings us all to 14th level even



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