Nentir Vale Campaign

Keep on the Shadowfell

The Road to Winterhaven

The party begins in Fallcrest, having gained some notoriety for clearing out Kobold Hall. A little more experienced now, the party gathers once again at the Silver Unicorn to discuss their next moves…

Here they decide to form a new group to search for Douven Staul, their old friend and mentor, who had left Fallcrest following a map to a dragon’s tomb somewhere near Winterhaven. Douven had mentored Roscoe, Rollin, and Vera Croix as young adventurers. They also learned from Marla, a young priest of Pelor, that witnesses have seen a small group of death cultists traveling toward Winterhaven. She asks the party to find out more information and, if they can, stamp out any evil activity in the area. Motivated by these quests, the group hit the road for the northwestern village of Winterhaven.

On the road to Winterhaven, the party was ambushed by kobolds, whom they dispatched easily. But clearly, Winterhaven is a point of light in the darkness in this region. Near the small outpost town are the ruins of Shadowfell Keep, once a bastion of the ancient empire of Nerath. Legend says that the keep was built to protect a rift into the Shadowfell, a place of evil and darkness.



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