Nentir Vale Campaign

Assault on Kobold Manor

The party comes together and a hero takes a fall

In so many ways, the day was like any day in Fallcrest. At the Silver Unicorn Inn, Wisara Osterman served her patrons ale and the best fried chicken in the region. This week, a caravan had arrived from the south with a large shipment for Naerumar’s Imports. Now, three Dragonborn guards revel in their recent payment for services rendered by relaxing at the Inn. Karlak and Kiriv appear to put up with the bravado of their colleague, Grill Slowsmoke, mainly because he messed up a couple of goblins on the trip north and his tiefling wife Brim was possibly more intimidating than Grill himself.

Meanwhile, Roscoe, a Halfling ranger from Fallcrest, had become worried about this mentor and friend Douven Staul. The man who had trained Roscoe for a life of adventure bade his pupil farewell three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not his hoard. But Douven should have returned by now and Roscoe has come to the Silver Unicorn for some advice from Wisara.

Finally, the dwarf Owengar Forgestriker has found himself in Fallcrest without a copper piece to his name. Luckily, he stumbled upon Teldorthan Ironhews, the town’s dwarf weaponsmith and armorer. Teldorthan has given Owengar some odd jobs and has found him a good smith. However, Teldorthan has two sons already working for him and cannot support a third apprentice. He sends Varus on a quest to recover a piece of dragon hide that was stolen from his shop. He suspects the kobolds living in the manor just west of the town but warns Varus to not attempt the trip alone. “Try the Silver Unicorn Inn for some muscle to join your search,” Teldorthan suggests.

So it was here, in the Silver Unicorn, that Karlak, Kiriv, Grill, Owengar, and Roscoe found themselves. But it was the Lord Warden of Fallcrest himself who truly brought them together. Faren Markelhay comes to the Inn every night after dinner for a nightcap. He overheard the dragonborn fighters chatting with the dwarf Varus about a trip to Kobold Manor. He approached them and made them an even better offer: clean out the manor completely and they would be paid handsomely for each kobold head, including the leader. “But you better get a good scout,”the Lord Warden suggested as he left. That’s when Roscoe smiled and introduced himself.

With two quests in front of them, the group left Fallcrest and headed west following Roscoe into the woods toward Kobold Manor. As they walked, they discussed what they had heard about kobolds. The stories pointed to a smallish, dragon-headed creature that was known as a scavenger. It seemed odd that kobolds would be such trouble. Fifteen miles west of Fallcrest, the party found the ruins of Kobold Hall and entered the lower level through a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower. They also found out that kobolds were a bit tougher than all the stories.

After dispatching kobolds in the first two rooms, the party entered a large room where the kobolds play a game called “Skull-Skull”, which is exactly what they did to the party. It was here that two kobolds and a Guard Drake hammered an already weakened Grill. Oh, how he wished he had taken a breather before entering this room! Grill was hammered on three sides by the enemy and fell to their blows. With their comrade temporarily laid to rest in one of the stone coffins in the room, the party entered the fourth room and battled the kobold wyrmpriest, his guards, a Spiretop Drake, and a large boulder trap. Again, the party found themselves on the brink of destruction but rallied to take the kobolds and defeat the drake. Meanwhile, Brim came looking for her husband and found his dead body abandoned. Seeking revenge rather than grief, Brim joined the party just as it entered a secret door to a strange cavern with an icy pond in the middle. There, the group battled a surprising enemy: Szartharrax, a young white dragon being held as a captive by the kobolds. Once again, the group almost lost several of its members but was finally able to defeat the dragon and uncover a small chest, filled with the Teldorthan’s dragonhide, a few valuable trinkets, and a magical longsword. They also discover a piece of parchment with draconic writing from a goblin warlord named Irontooth from Winterhaven who wants the kobolds to help him defeat humans in the region. It is signed with a skull symbol of Orcus.



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