Nentir Vale Campaign

The Trollhaunt Warrens

The Adventure Begins!

We begin the evening by walking down a path. We come upon four trolls eating a horse. We attack! And then another troll appears. Yikes! And then someone shoots Rollin with a lightning bolt. Tango six ten o’clock! An oni mage appears and attacks Rollin. We kill the trolls, but the oni turns invisible and escapes into the woods. We find a corpse near the horse. Looks like a messenger. What do you know? We find a message. It mentions Skalmad the Troll King who killed the son of a lord. It warns that Moonstair will be attacked by trolls! And then the messenger turns out to be the oni who immediately attacks us. Doh!

After finishing off the oni, we travel to Moonstair. The town is called Moonstair because a series of small islands leads to a gate to the Feywild (see images in the map section). We go to the Cloudwatch Inn. The innkeeper, a halfling named Cham (Wassup!), barters with us and gives us a large room for 2 gp and a meal for 1 gp.

The next day we meet Kelana Dhoram, a tall halfelf female whose is mayor of Moonstair. We share the message with her. She offers free room and board plus 100 gp if we train a town militia. Cut to training sequence. She also says that if we bring back the sword of Skalmad, the baron will pay us 2500 gp.

We sell the stuff in the bag of holding (except the guardian shield and 500 gp. residium). Then we go shopping.

Intel on Skalmad – He has a magic eye and lairs in the Great Warren in the middle of the Trollhaunt.

We head off to hunt for Skalmad. We decide to investigate the Western Ruins (a three days journey).

About two days into the trip, we notice lightning in the woods. We go to investigate. A shambling mound rises up from the undergrowth. We kill it. Two more appear! We fight them. A fourth one appears that has lightning coming from its tendrils. We fight them and win.

XP: 4500 total – not sure how many played this night



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