Nentir Vale Campaign

We're Off to See the Drow!

Episode 1: The Demon Queen's Enclave

For the purpose of dividing XP and treasure, I’ll start listing those present. Know that we miss those who were not at the table and lifted a glass in your honor!

Dungeoneering: Tomaso, Dohrer, Epley, Bessey, Hayes

A red comet has appeared in the sky! Soon after, we receive a message from Valthrun of Winterhaven that he wishes to see us. He says that the comet is a very bad omen and asks us to travel to Winterhaven.

When we arrive and learn that the drow trading outpost, Phaervorul (Why do the Drow always make their city names so difficult to pronounce? Maybe that’s just how evil they really are. They want to make it painful to even say the names of their homes.), stands atop a planar cyst called The Rotting Throne. Sounds pleasant. The Rotting Throne was once the fortress of Tharuzan, and emissary of Orcus. During a war between Lolth and Orcus (gosh, who do you root for in that contest?), Tharuzan’s undead troops waged war on Phaervorul. Orcus, displeased with Tharuzan’s progress, turned his back on his emissary. Eventually, the drow slew Tharuzan and sealed the gate.

Now a new threat has arisen. A crazy Drow named Zarithian has led a war against the most powerful Drow house in Phaervorul, House Ulvrain. He has turned to worship Orcus and converted some Drow to the cause. Orcus has promised that if Zarithian slays the Drow of Phaervorul and offers several powerful souls, he will make Zarithian a exarch of Orcus. Bad news any way you cut it.



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