Teldorthan Ironhews

Owner of the "Finest Forge" in Fallcrest.


Teldorthan Ironhews is the owner of the “Finest Forge”, a very reputable smithy in Fallcrest. His work is known throughout Fallcrest and the surrounding areas. The shop is run along with his two sons, who resent the fact that “and Sons” is not part of the name of the shop. Teldorthan has a good reason, neither has shown any true interest in smithing beyond their talents. They are given work that their father knows is within their skills (though to their father not their capability) and keep the forge’s reputation at such a high level, though it often means Teldorthan has to stay late and ensure the quality of his son’s work is up to standards.

Teldorthan is truly a wonderful smith. When not for having to look out for the quality of his son’s work, he has been known to be skilled in forging items from sought after pieces made from dragonhide, and is an expert in most types of Armor when he has the material at hand (up to his level). In weaponry his use of “Magicum” is limited, he often has to seek out lower level wizards (he tends to stay away from the advice of warlocks) to help him craft an item, but his work is that of a skilled smith, though the wait for such items is long.

Teldorthan Ironhews

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