Grill Slowsmoke

Fighter, bodyguard, walking cookstove


STR: 16 CON: 16 DEX: 13 INT: 12 WIS: 11 CHA: 12

Grill’s base stats come from the 16-14-13-12-11-10 option (PHB, p. 17)with the +2 racial bonus in CON and CHA.

HP: 18

AC: 16 (Chainmail) FOR: 15 REF: 11 WIL: 11

Attacks: Greataxe, +6 melee (+7 when bloodied) d12+3 (high crit)

Throwing handaxes, +3 ranged (+4 when bloodied) d6+3 (heavy thrown)

Somebody better check my numbers later.


Grill has rather big shoes to fill and doesn’t care if he succeeds.

His rather famous father, Char Chr’koal (of the Clan Slowsmoke) earned a noble rank in the crusades against the zealots of the Pro-Pain Rebellion. He used his newfound fame to establish the Slowsmoke Academy of War. While most cadets of the academy are recruited as officers by armies around the realm, the wash-outs and slackers can still find a little redemption (and a little scratch) in the Slowsmoke Protection Agency as bodyguards and mercenaries.

That’s where you’ll find Grill. Unmotivated by war honors, uninterested in war plannning, and unsuited for anything but as a blunt, blunt tool, Grill serves his father’s agency as a junior bodyguard for merchant caravans, payroll wagons, and bachelorette-party pub crawls. Grill may not perform a traditional role in dragonborn familial relationships, but at leas his father can enjoy the coin his son rakes in as the agency’s most-requested heavy.

Grill’s two greatest weapons are his greataxe (dubbed “The Opener”) and his wife, Brim, a tiefling warlock. It’s a stormy, passionate, and weird marriage, but their bad attitudes are perfect compliments for each other—as are their complementary fighting styles, since Brim is able to use her weirding magix to confuse, slow and manipulate her husband’s opponents all over the battlefield. They work together, but they don’t always adventure together, because that’s just how roll. They just need to get a little space from time to time. Wouldn’t you if you were married to a half-dragon or a half-devil?

Clan Slowsmoke and its businesses are located far from the Nentir Vale—so far, I’m not really sure where, but I’m positive we shall soon agree upon a campaign map that will resolve such a riddle. Grill and Brim find themselves in Fallcrest after safely accompanying a shipment of magic items to Orest Naerumar, the proprietor of Naerumar’s Imports. It was a long, dusty, and largely uneventful journey, and now they’re ready to whoop it up when the wind of adventure (and a certain payday) blows across their path…

Grill Slowsmoke

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