Nentir Vale Campaign

Dragons and Trogs! Oh my!
We Meet Gloomfang!

We traveled back to the room with the (now dead) druid and dire bear and decide to explore the north tunnel. It leads us to a room with a door to the north and a store room to the south. We listen at the north door and hear the sounds of water. Roscoe sneaks into the room. The room is filled with a large lake with two islands. There’s a large black dragon in here! He introduces himself as Gloomfang. The party prepares to attack when Owengar says, “Attack him?! We don’t even know if he’s evil.” At that point, he decides to sneak into the room behind Roscoe while he is talking to Gloomfang. Owengar isn’t very sneaky, and Gloomfang spots him. He dives into the darkness and combat begins. When he reappears, he lands on the ledge, spits acid, and stuns the party! The battle is long and difficult, but we prevail! We found some treasure and a magic bastard sword (+3 mordant bastard sword that Karlak takes). (708 xp each. Level up!)

We go back to the room with the (now dead) flameskull. We head down a hallway and sneak up on a troglodyte camp. Lots of trogs! At one point, Roscoe 41 points of damage to a prone trog. We will a lot of trogs and find some treasure in a back room, including a +3 wand of fireburst and a +3 phasing long bow. (800 xp. each)

2900 gp
1500 gp in emeralds
800 gp in assorted gems

XP: 1508 each
(5200 gp / 6 characters = 866 gp each)

NOTE: I’ve moved our item list from the wiki page to the “Items” tab. I’ve listed items that we’ve found. If a character takes an item, I’ll list it with the character’s name in parentheses.

Into the Trollmaw
What's that smell?!

After having defeating some trolls, the party camps over night on a ledge connected to the rest of the cavern area by two planks. The next morning, Roscoe crosses one of the planks to scout ahead. Ewwww, there is an awful smell! Troglodytes! The party attacks. The bad guys get support from some Nothiks . . . and then some more trogs . . . and then a priestess. Darn! Combat goes on for a long time, but the party is victorious!

We decide to camp on a ledge near the room. Five hours into our rest, two trolls show up. They want right up to us, and we surprise them. The trolls are quickly put down, and we go back to the ledge to rest.

There are several doors leading from this cavern area. We try a locked door to the south. Ewww, there’s that smell again! We close the door and try a door with a glowing rune on it. We smash a necklace that the priestess was wearing and unlock the door. We find a smoking room and replenish our rations with smoked fish. Yum!

We go through the door to the north. We enter a large chamber with a dire bear and a troll druid. The druid throws up a burst of thorns, and the bear tries to maul Roscoe. It misses! Three flameskulls show up. It takes ten rounds, but we prevail! We go back to the smoke room and rest.

XP: 1890 each
For next time, bring a copy of your character at 11th level and a copy at 12th level We will likely level up in the middle of the next session.

Exploring the Western Ruins
Stupid Humans!

Day 3 of our three day journey.

We arrive at the ancient ruins of the giant city of Orrak. The ruins are filled with statues – some of which look like they were running away. Somebody shoots at us from one of the towers. Roscoes rushes in and discovers three grimlocks. (Grimlocks – murderous brutes, eyeless, have blindsight, like to eat humans) A destrachan attacks Roscoe! Another one appears on the other side of the tower. We call in air support and throw acid, lightning, and a flame strike up on the tower. The medusa decides she’d better come down to attack us – and meets her demise.

We climb the tower and pinpoint the location of the Warren. We use the blood from the medusa to unpetrify the statues and return to Moonstair.

After enjoying a heroes welcome, we travel out to the Great Warren (#10 on the map – see maps). Three days out, we see evidence of the trolls moving in formation.

We find the door to the Trollmaw – a door in the hillside with a stream running in the ground. Sort of looks like a mouth with teeth. A troll answers the door and calls Roscoe “a stupid human”. Roscoe removes the pins from the hinges on the door, Karlak throws the door into the river, and we attack. Turns out that there are also some Marrow Maw Impalers (troglodytes). They throw javelins at us. We defeat the bad guys. Stupid humans, indeed.

XP: 820 each

The Trollhaunt Warrens
The Adventure Begins!

We begin the evening by walking down a path. We come upon four trolls eating a horse. We attack! And then another troll appears. Yikes! And then someone shoots Rollin with a lightning bolt. Tango six ten o’clock! An oni mage appears and attacks Rollin. We kill the trolls, but the oni turns invisible and escapes into the woods. We find a corpse near the horse. Looks like a messenger. What do you know? We find a message. It mentions Skalmad the Troll King who killed the son of a lord. It warns that Moonstair will be attacked by trolls! And then the messenger turns out to be the oni who immediately attacks us. Doh!

After finishing off the oni, we travel to Moonstair. The town is called Moonstair because a series of small islands leads to a gate to the Feywild (see images in the map section). We go to the Cloudwatch Inn. The innkeeper, a halfling named Cham (Wassup!), barters with us and gives us a large room for 2 gp and a meal for 1 gp.

The next day we meet Kelana Dhoram, a tall halfelf female whose is mayor of Moonstair. We share the message with her. She offers free room and board plus 100 gp if we train a town militia. Cut to training sequence. She also says that if we bring back the sword of Skalmad, the baron will pay us 2500 gp.

We sell the stuff in the bag of holding (except the guardian shield and 500 gp. residium). Then we go shopping.

Intel on Skalmad – He has a magic eye and lairs in the Great Warren in the middle of the Trollhaunt.

We head off to hunt for Skalmad. We decide to investigate the Western Ruins (a three days journey).

About two days into the trip, we notice lightning in the woods. We go to investigate. A shambling mound rises up from the undergrowth. We kill it. Two more appear! We fight them. A fourth one appears that has lightning coming from its tendrils. We fight them and win.

XP: 4500 total – not sure how many played this night

A Chilly Night in the Pyramid
We Squeeze in a Game in October

It’s been a while since our last post. The party has continued to work its way through the Pyramid of Shadows – prison to Karavakos, an ancient tiefling warlock/king. In our last session, the party had stumbled upon a village of crazed cultists. Of course, the head priest hadn’t counted on how paranoid the party had become, and within minutes the congregation lay dead.

After a rest over night (Is there night inside the pyramid?), the party headed out to explore the rest of the second level. They rounded a corner and discovered an aberrant copy of Karavakos standing in the center of a howling wind of energy. The creature broke its chains and combat began.

Pyramid of Shadows
Welcome to the Pyramid!

After returning to the Seven Pillared Hall, the party is summoned before the Mages of Saruun, Lords of the Seven Pillared Hall. They ask to examine the possessions of Paldemar, once a Mage of Saruun who betrayed his comrades and now a dead body at the Well of Demons thanks to the party. They are particularly interested in a map found among Paldemar’s possessions with notes written along the edges: “Place of Power”, “Vast magic for the taking”, and “Seek Karavakos. They ask that the party investigate this map and report back their findings. In return, they offer 2,500 g.p. and a small, magical statue of a lion. Roscoe has heard stories of a Halfling warrior who used an object like this to escape a group of trolls. Their one condition is that the party must travel with an apprentice Mage of Saruun, an eladrin named Rollin Storm. When the halfling spoke a command word, the statue came to life. With nothing better to do, the party agrees and off they go.

The map leads them to the Winterblade Forest. Along the rode, a group of riders quickly intercepts the party. Everyone braces for battle until Roscoe recognizes the banner of Lord Markelhay, Lord Protector of Fallcrest. Roscoe immediately snaps to attention and salutes. Lord Markelhay explains that he is leading a posse, hot on the heels of the notorious bandit Gharash Vren, a dragonborn. He informs the party that there is an 850 g.p. reward for Gharash Vren’s head and then rides off.

After a few more miles, the party enters a clearing and comes across a mad wizard stumbling out of the woods. The crazed magician takes one look at the party and screams, “The place of power is mine! Karavakos has summoned me, not you! Not you!” Moments later there are lightning bolts and magic missiles flying all over the place, but the old man is no match for the party and soon lies dying in the field. With his dying breath, he whispers, “Find the pyramid. Seek out Karavakos.”

Journey to the Well of Demons
Gnolls and Pumpkin Pie

The party returns to the Seven Pillar Hall. During our assualt on the Western Fortress, the party found a sceptre. Hey, that was one of our quest items! We hurry to Gendar’s Curios and Relics, return the sceptre, and received 150 xp.

We decide to kick back at the inn and celebrate our victory. This also gave us some time to do some intelligence gathering before journeying to the Well of Demons to face the Blackfang gnolls.

Gnolls: doglike creatures, can be big, ferocious fighters, nomadic, kill everything, don’t bargain or parlay, can’t reason with them, work with hyenas and demons (!), use slave labor.

Well of Demons: chambers devoted to minotaur god Baphamut. In ancient times, this was a training ground for minotaur warriors.

While sipping on some ale, a kobold entered the inn and delivered a message to us. The note congratulated us on our actions against the druegar. The author said he was in a position of power in an evil organization and wished to help us defeat his comrades. It asked us to follow a map and help him escape from the organization. A few minutes later, a wizard named Orentor bought us a round of drinks. He explained that he wanted our help checking on a fellow wizard named Paldemor. He said that he hadn’t checked in for several weeks and “his actions in the labyrinth concern me”. He believed that Paldemar is involved with gnolls. If we help him, he said that the Mages of Saruun will be indebted. He says that the note looks like it was written by Paldemar.

Off we go! We followed the map and . . .gasp! . . . it’s an ambush! Two tieflings and a big, bronze golem (similary to the ones in Seven Pillar Hall) attack us. The golem rolls a big boulder into Jade, Roscoe and Veracroix. The tieflings fall quickly. The golem took a little longer. We find an amulet of warder controlling but haven’t discoverd the command word. We found a scroll: “To Maldrek Scarmaker, Chieftain of the Blackfang, Paldemar offers these corpses. May our arrangement continue.” It included a map to the Well of Demons.

Ticked, we head off to the Well of Demons to thank Paldemar for his kindness. In the entry hall, we encounter two chokers, two ghouls, and a phalager (tentacles that grow out of the ground). After dispatching them, we head down a hallway and get the drop on some gnolls. Snicker snack and the gnolls and their hyenas are dead. Down another hallway and we find a boar being attacked by hyenas. We rescue the boar and discover that it has a tag. Turns out that it belongs to Althand Deepgem in Seven Pillar Hall. With our dailies used up, we head off to Deepgem’s and return the boar. As a reward, he offers a 10% discount on arms and armor and a 20% discount on enchantments at his store.

Kiriv, Roscoe, Veracroix, Owengar, and Jade each get 1052 xp for the evening’s work. We also added a +2 cloak of resistance to our bag of holding.

Assault on the Western Fortress
"You were better shooting blind!"

After some planning, we decide to storm the Western Fortress across a bridge using a stalagmite (or was it a stalactite) as a battering ram. Before we reach the door, the druegar open it, throw glow sticks at us and start shooting at us from two bridges. Shields up! The battle is pretty long because reinforcements keep showing up. While blinded, Roscoe rolled a 20 and scored a critical hit.

Exploring the fortress, we came upon a room with arrow slits facing out into a second entrance area. Jade lobbed in a fireball, and the party rolled into the room SWAT-style. They squared off with several druegar and an ogre. Owengar put the ogre down. Roscoe missed several times during the battle. Karlak exclaimed, “You were better shooting blind.” That turned out to be true as he was blinded twice more during the evening and managed to hit his target each time. Hmmmm, maybe he should go for the Daredevil approach. At this point, Cox headed home sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

We headed through the east door and found the Master Pimp Daddy place – a druegar with a flaming maul, a couple of thugs, archers, and a cleric. The big guy is Murkelmor of Clan Grimmerzahl! He laughs and says, “I look forward to selling you as slaves!” The fight is on! We discover a secret door after one of the archers runs into a fire and comes back with a cleric. After being thrown into the fire several times, Veracroix decided, “The thing’s not in front of me now. I’ve got an archer. I should be okay.” He was thrown back into the fire shortly after that. In the end, we managed to kill everyone except one archer. In the next room, we found the slave pits and rescued 14 slaves. Of that 14, ten were from the village of Riverdown – one of our quests. The other two have been sold to the Blackfang gnolls at the Well of Demons. Hmmm, I wonder where we are headed next?

XP total: 781 xp for each character except for Owengar who earned 416 xp

Treasure: Gold: 710 gp (118 gp each), 359 sp (60 sp each), gems worth 790 gp (131 gp. each) = total 252 gp. each

The bag of holding contains: 3 suits scale armor, 3 suits chainmail, 5 crossbows, 10 spears, 5 battle axes, 5 short swords, 2 +1 warhammers, +1 flaming maul, and +2 amulet of health

Chapter 2 - The Horned Hold Addendum
Stormin' the Castle!

The party decided that it was time to pay a visit to the evil slavers in The Horned Hold. After a little investigation (in a tavern, naturally), we learned that the Hold is a essentially an underground castle divided into three sections about 1/2 mile from The Seven Pillar Hall (See Roscoe’s map in Map Section).

Sneaking down a tunnel, we see that the only way into the fortress is through a locked gate. While Jade distracts the guards with a Ghost Sound spell, Roscoe sneaks up to the gate, rolls a natural 20(!) and we’re in. A few well-placed sword blows and magic spells overwhelms the guards.

In this portion of the fortress, we found an armory with some druegar and orcs making weapons. Snicker Snack!

We next followed a tunnel that led to the southern portion of the fortress. We rescued some human slaves from a kitchen. Where there’s a kitchen, there’s a great hall with great big bad guys. Sure enough, through some doors, and we’re squaring off with Rundar, a big, dark dwarf. He and his minions were waiting for us! Just to make things a little more complicated, the big dwarf became REALLY big as the battle continued. In the end, Kiriv put him down.

We secured the room, gathered our treasure, and took a 6 hour rest.

Chapter 2 - The Horned Hold Part Deux
XP and Treasure

Our hard won victories netted us 642 XP each.

The Treasure count was: 108 gp. each (649 total, including gems); 60 sp each (359 sp total)

Arms and Armor: 3 suits scalemail, 3 suits chainmail, 5 crossbows, 10 spears, 5 battleaxes, and 5 short swords

Rundar’s Iron Key

Magic Items: +1 warhammer; Dwarven Greaves – I don’t know that anyone took either of these items yet.


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