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Party Roster

Karlak, Dragonborn Warlord

Kiriv, Dragonborn Paladin

Owengar, Dwarf Fighter Owengar Forgestriker

Roscoe, Halfling Ranger

Veracroix, Human Cleric

Jade Greene, Eladrin Wizard Jade Greene

Rollin Greene, Eladrin Wizard Rollin Stormwalker

Brim, Tiefling Warlock

Grill Slowsmoke, Dragonborn Fighter (K.I.A. – Kobold)

Party Equipment


+1 Lifedrinker Longsword: This longsword provides it user with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. On a critical hit, it deals an extra 1d6 necrotic damage. In addition, when the user drops an enemy to 0 hit points with a melee attack with this weapon, the user gains 5 temporary hit points./ recovered in Kobold Hall / located in Bag of Holding ?

Guardian Shield (heroic tier)

+3 Dwarven Chainmail (dragonborn)


wooden pipes

500 gp. of residium

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