Nentir Vale Campaign

Assault on the Western Fortress

"You were better shooting blind!"

After some planning, we decide to storm the Western Fortress across a bridge using a stalagmite (or was it a stalactite) as a battering ram. Before we reach the door, the druegar open it, throw glow sticks at us and start shooting at us from two bridges. Shields up! The battle is pretty long because reinforcements keep showing up. While blinded, Roscoe rolled a 20 and scored a critical hit.

Exploring the fortress, we came upon a room with arrow slits facing out into a second entrance area. Jade lobbed in a fireball, and the party rolled into the room SWAT-style. They squared off with several druegar and an ogre. Owengar put the ogre down. Roscoe missed several times during the battle. Karlak exclaimed, “You were better shooting blind.” That turned out to be true as he was blinded twice more during the evening and managed to hit his target each time. Hmmmm, maybe he should go for the Daredevil approach. At this point, Cox headed home sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

We headed through the east door and found the Master Pimp Daddy place – a druegar with a flaming maul, a couple of thugs, archers, and a cleric. The big guy is Murkelmor of Clan Grimmerzahl! He laughs and says, “I look forward to selling you as slaves!” The fight is on! We discover a secret door after one of the archers runs into a fire and comes back with a cleric. After being thrown into the fire several times, Veracroix decided, “The thing’s not in front of me now. I’ve got an archer. I should be okay.” He was thrown back into the fire shortly after that. In the end, we managed to kill everyone except one archer. In the next room, we found the slave pits and rescued 14 slaves. Of that 14, ten were from the village of Riverdown – one of our quests. The other two have been sold to the Blackfang gnolls at the Well of Demons. Hmmm, I wonder where we are headed next?

XP total: 781 xp for each character except for Owengar who earned 416 xp

Treasure: Gold: 710 gp (118 gp each), 359 sp (60 sp each), gems worth 790 gp (131 gp. each) = total 252 gp. each

The bag of holding contains: 3 suits scale armor, 3 suits chainmail, 5 crossbows, 10 spears, 5 battle axes, 5 short swords, 2 +1 warhammers, +1 flaming maul, and +2 amulet of health



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