Nentir Vale Campaign

Exploring the Western Ruins

Stupid Humans!

Day 3 of our three day journey.

We arrive at the ancient ruins of the giant city of Orrak. The ruins are filled with statues – some of which look like they were running away. Somebody shoots at us from one of the towers. Roscoes rushes in and discovers three grimlocks. (Grimlocks – murderous brutes, eyeless, have blindsight, like to eat humans) A destrachan attacks Roscoe! Another one appears on the other side of the tower. We call in air support and throw acid, lightning, and a flame strike up on the tower. The medusa decides she’d better come down to attack us – and meets her demise.

We climb the tower and pinpoint the location of the Warren. We use the blood from the medusa to unpetrify the statues and return to Moonstair.

After enjoying a heroes welcome, we travel out to the Great Warren (#10 on the map – see maps). Three days out, we see evidence of the trolls moving in formation.

We find the door to the Trollmaw – a door in the hillside with a stream running in the ground. Sort of looks like a mouth with teeth. A troll answers the door and calls Roscoe “a stupid human”. Roscoe removes the pins from the hinges on the door, Karlak throws the door into the river, and we attack. Turns out that there are also some Marrow Maw Impalers (troglodytes). They throw javelins at us. We defeat the bad guys. Stupid humans, indeed.

XP: 820 each



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