Nentir Vale Campaign

Into the Trollmaw

What's that smell?!

After having defeating some trolls, the party camps over night on a ledge connected to the rest of the cavern area by two planks. The next morning, Roscoe crosses one of the planks to scout ahead. Ewwww, there is an awful smell! Troglodytes! The party attacks. The bad guys get support from some Nothiks . . . and then some more trogs . . . and then a priestess. Darn! Combat goes on for a long time, but the party is victorious!

We decide to camp on a ledge near the room. Five hours into our rest, two trolls show up. They want right up to us, and we surprise them. The trolls are quickly put down, and we go back to the ledge to rest.

There are several doors leading from this cavern area. We try a locked door to the south. Ewww, there’s that smell again! We close the door and try a door with a glowing rune on it. We smash a necklace that the priestess was wearing and unlock the door. We find a smoking room and replenish our rations with smoked fish. Yum!

We go through the door to the north. We enter a large chamber with a dire bear and a troll druid. The druid throws up a burst of thorns, and the bear tries to maul Roscoe. It misses! Three flameskulls show up. It takes ten rounds, but we prevail! We go back to the smoke room and rest.

XP: 1890 each
For next time, bring a copy of your character at 11th level and a copy at 12th level We will likely level up in the middle of the next session.



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