Nentir Vale Campaign

Skalmad Escapes . . . Again!

We head to Rules’ (Eladrin Emissary) Library to learn more about Moran’s Eye. We discover that Skalmad’s disappearance was not just due to the Eye. It also involved The Stone Cauldron – a lost Formarian artifact that is said to be somewhere near the Trollhaunt Warren. Skalmad may have also made alliances with Fey. There is an old Fey fortress buried where the Great Warren is today. We find a prophecy: “When the Troll King returns and the Cauldron is used twice, then Vard himself will return.” Skalmad isn’t dead! We figure out that we must return to the Warren and head to the smithy area. We must have missed a stair somewhere!

We head toward the Great Warren. Roscoe spots a stick with red cloth tied to it stuck n the mud. We pass another one. We are attacked by trebuchets. The sticks are range markers! We run toward the entrance. Rollin blasts the door, and we fight a bunch of trolls.

We head back to the smithy area. We cross a wood=plank bridge and explore a large cavern. We come across two old ladies tending mushrooms. They open cages with skeletons that drop from the ceiling and attack us. Roscoe ends up blinded but keeps shooting (rolls natural 20 on his first roll). The skeletons explode when bloodied and killed.

We then go through a door and enter a throne room. Looky here! It’s Skalmad have a meeting with three drow. We kill him and he disappears again! One drow uses an amethyst throne to vanish. Two drow jump into a river. We find Skalmad’s personal chamber. There is a prisoner there – Dethos, a human scribe. He knows Skalmad’s gone to the Feywild where he is trying to use the Stone Cauldron. The throne is a portal to the Feywild. It is triggered by arcane fire.

XP: 2842 each.

Treasure: 4912 GP each, 15th level Bashing Shield, +3 Sunleaf Leather Armor



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