Nentir Vale Campaign

Skalmad the Horrible!

We decide to cross the plank and explore the caverns beyond. We come across some trolls and nothics in an open air area. Then more nothics and trolls show up! One of them is Skalmad! At one point, Karlak pushes Skalmad and a troll into the river, and they are swept down stream. We kill Skalmad. The gem in his eye glows, and he disappears but not before telling us his troops are advancing on Moonstair!

We search the room and find the tracks of an escaped prisoner. Roscoe tracks him down and we meet Bobi Her..jgjoe (cant read my writing). We heal him and send him back to Moonstair to see if Skalmad’s troops are really attacking. We explore the room and find a door. The door is warm, and we hear hammering. The room is full of grimlocks making weapons. They are overseen by a troll. We surprise the troll, pull him toward us, and do massive amounts of damage (Roscoe does 51 points of damage in one round). Then more trolls and fire belcher show up. Lots of fire! Then, three more trolls, three nothiks and an earth elemental show up. Roscoe and Karlak are blinded for several rounds. It’s a long battle with party members frequently bloodied.

We go back to the last room to rest. Bobi returns and says Moonstair is under attack. He begs us to save his family.

Experience Points: 3090 XP each.

Treasure: 150 gp. total, Symbol of Despair



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