Nentir Vale Campaign

The Siege of Moonstair!

We rush back to Moonstair. We can see smoke rising in the distance. We come upon a house that is under attack from worgs. There are humans trapped in the house and screaming for help. It takes a while, but we kill the the worgs and rescue the farmhands. Bad doggies!

Residents of Moonstair fleeing from the town say trolls are coming from the water. We run down to the docks. There are two crab creatures, three kuo tos, and massive tentacles coming from the water. We take down the water beasties, partly with a really cool ballista.

We rest and recuperate. We go see the captain of the guard. We are hanging out in the inn when we hear lots of screaming. Four flying creatures are inbound – three wyverns and a troglodyte spellcaster on a manticore. Coooool! Then two nothiks and a ogre war hulk show up. Oh my! After a very challenging battle, we are victorious.

The mayor thanks us for defending the town. He gives us +3 darkleaf armor. At least half of the town has been killed. We do some research and realize that as long as a magical stone cauldron exists, the town is in danger. Skalmad’s eye is actually a magic item called Moran’s Eye. It can be used to bring someone back from the dead. Skalmad isn’t dead!

Experience Points: 1660 XP each We are 13th level!

*Treasure: +3 Darkleaf Armor



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